A Trove of Clever KGB Spy Cameras From the Cold War Are Up for Sale

auction on February 13 as part of the first and most comprehensive offering of rare artifacts ever assembled from the Cold War era. Many of the items come straight from the KGB museum in New York.

According to Julien’s Auctions, the entire collection from the KGB Espionage Museum — which you can read more about here — will be up for sale, marking the world’s largest collection of KGB-specific spy equipment and authentic KGB artifacts from the Cold War ever presented at auction.

“Over 400 lots will be on offer such as clandestine operative cameras, counter-intelligence detectors, morse code machines, airplane radars, voice recorders, and official government documents,” Julien’s Auction writes.

Of those items are several cigarette pack hidden cameras like the ones below:

which can be viewed online, is a treasure trove of clandestine camera equipment. The auction for these items, many of which are not set to be sold for particularly high prices, is set for both in-person and live online bidding on February 13. The first session takes place at 10 AM Pacific Time, with the second session starting at 1 PM Pacific Time.

You can register for the auction at juliensauctions.com.

While the items shown above are exclusively Russian KGB tools, many similar techniques were adopted by the CIA during the same period. You can learn more about some of the more interesting camera tools from the other side of the Cold War here.

Image credits: Photos courtesy of Julien’s Auctions and used with permission.

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