An ‘Aural Ode’ to the Classic Zenza Bronica S2a

In response to the classic camera shutter sound video we shared yesterday, a reader sent over another, even more enjoyable entry into the “oddly satisfying” category. Created a few years ago by YouTube user Tywen Kelly, he describes his video as “a semi-instructional aural ode to [a] great medium format camera” the Zenza Bronica S2a.

The short 3-minute creation does double duty. One commenter described it as “medium format ASMR,” but even if that’s not your thing, it’s a short and beautiful instructional ode to setting up and using a classic camera.

“[This video] demonstrates general handling to focus, change aperture and adjust shutter speed,” reads the description. “[It] also quickly demonstrates film loading process, [ending] with sample photos taken with the camera.”

Consider this a 2-minute break from all the contest winners, hands on first impressions, camera announcements, and equipment rumors that like to steal so much of our attention. Two minutes of “pure photography” (with apologies to Nikon for stealing their tagline).

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