Dell Announces World’s First Color-Accurate 40-Inch Ultrawide Curved 4K Monitor

Dell has announced the UltraSharp Curved 4K WUHD monitor that comes loaded with a plethora of connection options and promises wide color coverage and excellent color performance. Dell also says that this is the world’s first 40-inch ultrawide curved monitor.

The actual resolution is 5,120 x 2,160 pixels, which is obviously significantly more than a normal 4K monitor thanks to the ultrawide form factor. With 33% more space than a typical 16:9 32″ 4K monitor, Dell says that this screen not only offers more on-screen space than a standard monitor, it also gives a wider field of view thanks to its curvature.

It features a picture-in-picture mode that allows you to treat the single large monitor as if it were multiple.

The monitor has a gratifyingly quick 5-millisecond response time, which should make working on it feel fast. It only supports a 60Hz refresh rate, but since it’s not designed to be a gaming monitor that should be good enough for most use cases.

While there is no mention of HDR support – which likely means the monitor doesn’t support any of the many HDR profiles out there – Dell does promise “true-to-life color” thanks to the 1.07 billion colors covered across industry standards, which includes 100% of sRGB, 100% of Rec. 709, and 98% DCI-P3. The lack of HDR likely points to Dell considering this working monitor more for graphic design and photo editing than video editing or content viewing.

Other than the color accuracy and wide field of view, Dell’s major selling point is the monitor’s ability to act as a central point for your computer workstation. The rear of the monitor packed with ports that makes it basically a productivity hub. It features two HDMI 2.0 ports (10-bit color at 30Hz), a DisplayPort (10 bit color at 60Hz), an audio line-out, Thunderbolt 3/DisplayPort, a USB upstream port, four USB Type-A 10 GBps USB 3.2 Gen2 ports, an RJ45 ethernet port, a USB Type-C 10Gbps port, and a USB-C downstream port. That Thunderbolt 3 port supports 90W power charging.

The monitor also features 9w speakers that, while probably not the best, are certainly a welcome inclusion.

The Dell UltraSharp 40 Curved WUHD Monitor will be available on January 28th for $2,100.

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