Elinchrom Launches iOS App, Controls Up to 20 Strobes Simultaneously

Elinchrom has released an app for iOS that allows for control of up to 20 strobes through your iPhone or iPad. Any Ellinchrom strobe that supports and is connected to the Elinchrom Bridge can be controlled from the app.

The company had previously released a desktop application for macOS and Windows called Elinchrom Studio. Now many of those same features are available on iOS devices with the launch of the Elinchrom app.

Just like with Elinchrom Studio, the Elinchrom Bridge is required in order to connect strobes with the app. The Bridge plugs into Elinchrom strobes and allows them to be controlled via a Bluetooth connection. Each strobe that will be connected wireless requires the Bridge, which isn’t cheap: it’s a $125 part.

If the price can be overlooked, considerable control is granted wirelessly via the app. With it, you can control up to 20 strobe units either individually or simultaneously (each strobe’s power, modelling lamp, sound, etc.) with up to 20 different frequencies. You can also create up to four groups in the app with dedicated colors for easy organization and can adjust the name, color, and strobes in each group.

All strobe settings and units can be saved and reloaded during multiple sessions.

The app, and the Elinchrom Bridge, have limited compatibility: ELC 125/500, ELC Pro HD 500/1000, ELB 400, ELB 500 TTL, ELB 1200, ELM8, D-Lite RX One/2/4, and BRX 250/500.

Additionally, the older Skyport USB RX is not compatible.

While it is more expensive to start using the Elinchrom App than it is to use the ProFoto App since it requires purchasing multiple Bridge devices for larger setups, Elinchrom does have a larger list of supported strobes than ProFoto does as a result. Additionally, Elinchrom seems to be focused on studio control more than ProFoto who is emphasizing photography with an iPhone.

You can download the Elinchrom App for iOs for free here.

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