Mild Catalog High quality Product Pictures with a Single Speedlight

On this nine-minute video from Workphlo, photographer Dustin Dolby explains mild catalog high quality reflective product photographs utilizing only a single Speedlight.

To start out, Dolby suggests capturing the merchandise individually to keep away from them reflecting onto one another, making it simpler to get an ultra-clean search for each bit. Dolby additionally suggests utilizing an app referred to as AutoRetouch to assist make automated clipping paths upon importing the pictures into Photoshop, saving lots of time on post-production.

Dolby then exhibits his setup of an extended strip of diffusion paper that extends from the lens to the product the place he has positioned a single Speedlight in a strip field. The sunshine supply is on a slight angle behind the product permitting fast and minor changes for the shot to get issues good. He says that reflective merchandise will usually get a “darkish padding” on the product that may differ based mostly on the Speedlights’ positioning.

Ideally, if the sunshine supply is positioned correctly, the unfold will fall on nearly half of the product. Then it’s only a matter of appropriately putting a bounce card (reflector) on the other facet of the product to fill within the shadows and recycle the sunshine from the strip field. The depth of the bounce card placement will have an effect on the padding place, so you’ll want to make changes accordingly to realize a flattering and constant mild sample for use throughout all comparable merchandise.

As soon as a clear setup is achieved, he recommends photographers begin rotating the merchandise via the setup, ensuring the sunshine and padding fall in comparable areas for consistency. Then, all that’s left is to import the recordsdata into Photoshop to start the retouching.

Dolby explains that utilizing AutoRetouch may help pace issues up by routinely creating clipping paths and eradicating backgrounds for product work, making bulk modifying simpler. In Might, AutoRetouch added a feature that permits editors to bulk edit any product picture with synthetic intelligence.

As soon as inside Adobe Photoshop, Dolby provides a mirrored image by duplicating the merchandise, flipping them vertically, positioning the “reflection” immediately beneath the originals, decreasing the opacity considerably, and eventually making use of a linear gradient so that there’s a clean fall-off offering a pleasant, catalog e-commerce wanting picture. Lastly, he exhibits repair any inconsistent shadows on the reflective components of the product by copy and pasting stretched parts of the product over the prevailing setup and masking them in accordingly to realize a really constant look throughout the entire picture. Past that, the quantity of retouching and photoshop fixes is just as much as the consumer (or shopper).

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Picture credit: Pictures by Dustin Dolby and used with permission.

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