Netgear Unveils the Meural WiFi 15.6″ Auto-Syncing Photo Frame

Netgear today unveiled the new Meural WiFi Photo Frame, a 15.6-inch digital frame that’s designed to be a simple and effortless way to show personal photos and artwork.

“So many photos are captured on smartphones every day, yet many are not seen on screens that showcase them in their fullest, richest detail,” says Netgear SVP David Henry. “With our new Meural WiFi Photo Frame we’ve created a new way to enjoy and relive those special memories.”

Hardware-wise, the Meural features an anti-glare 1920×1080-resolution screen with a patented TrueArt technology that allows photos to be enjoyed from “any angle.” Integrated ambient light sensors adjust the brightness of images to match the environment, and the frame automatically goes to sleep when the room is completely dark.

The 13.5×7.5-inch frame features an elegant wood grain trim.

To show photos on the Meural, you can link an album that’s already on your smartphone to have those photos be automatically uploaded and displayed. Changes made to the album are automatically synced to the display.

You can also invite family members and friends to create and share their own photo playlists and albums on your frame.

If you want to find out more details about any photo that’s displayed, a “wave up” motion on the frame will reveal the geotagged location, timestamp, and title. This photo information can be customized with additional personalization and descriptions as well.

If you want a changing frame throughout the day, you can schedule different albums and playlists to display at different times.

In addition to still photos, the Meural also supports Apple Live Photos and short videos up to 15 seconds in length.

Netgear previously announced the Meural Canvas family of frames back in 2017. Those are larger wall-mounted gesture-controlled frames while the smaller Meural WiFi is designed to sit on flat surfaces.

The Netgear Meural WiFi Photo Frame is available through the Netgear website and through select online retailers with a price tag of $300.

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