Pentax Unveils K-1 Mark II J Limited 01 Recolors, Plans Four More Lenses

In addition to the Limited Lens series announced yesterday, Pentax has also updated its lens roadmap to include four more optics as well as launched a set of K-1 Mark II recolors for Japan.

Pentax published two lens roadmaps, one for all K-Mount lenses and one for specifically lenses that are compatible with 35mm Full-Frame format cameras. The full K-Mount lens lineup introduces four total lenses that are slated for 2021 or later (Pentax states that the roadmap may change without notice): the HD Pentax-DA Star-Series 16-50mm f/2.8 ED PLM AW, the HD Pentax-D FA 21mm Limited, and a telephoto zoom lens and large aperture wide-angle prime lens, both of unspecified focal lengths.

The full-frame compatible lenses exclude the Star Series 16-50mm, but the telephoto, wide-angle prime, and 21mm Limited lens will support full-frame.

In addition to updating its roadmap, Pentax/Ricoh also announced that the K-1 Mark II would get a visual update in the form of four new colors: Black & Gold, Viridian, Scarlet Rouge, and LX75 Metallic. The K-1 Mark II J Limited 01 DSLRs are thus far only announced for Japan (the previous J Limited version was also only available in Japan) and feature eye-catching recolors of the camera that was originally announced in 2018 and released in the Spring of that year.

“This product was developed based on the “PENTAX K-1 Mark II”, which is the highest-end model of the K series 35mm full-size digital SLR camera,” Pentax writes. “In order to deepen the attachment to the camera, which is a personal tool, we have performed high-quality, labor-intensive processing, special color painting, parts change, etc., which are impossible in mass production, and each one is made to order. It is a special model that has been commercialized as a factory custom model that is carefully assembled and delivered.”

No specific price was mentioned (it is stated as “open price”) for the J Limited 01 recolors, but orders placed by March 21 will be delivered by April 30.

Ricoh has also announced that the Theta Z1 has been discontinued, and a new model will be announced by the end of March.

These announcements were clearly meant to accentuate Pentax’s main event announcement which was supposed to be the K-3 Mark III. The company’s forthcoming APS-C flagship DSLR was unfortunately delayed indefinitely last week due to parts shortages. Ricoh / Pentax have not stated a new timeline for the camera’s release.

(via Photo Rumors and Pentax Rumors)

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