SmokeGENIE is a Highly effective, Handheld, Non-Poisonous Smoke Machine

The SmokeGENIE is a battery-powered, pocketable smoke machine that its creators say is one-tenth the scale of a typical smoke machine however can match the output.

SmokeGENIE is the creation of Sensible Magic and Improvements (PMI) based mostly in Hong Kong and based in 2021 by Kelvin Chow, Peter Zhao, and Micky Wong. The creators say that they needed to create a tool that’s able to including smoke or atmospheric haze to a scene while not having caustic supplies or an enormous machine. The corporate claims its system can actually make a stationary cloud within the sky without having for particular results.

The corporate says that the “smoke” that’s produced by the system is thicker than the smoke produced by commonplace smoke machines and is able to making a cloud keep inside a jar for a brief time period. Additionally it is so viscous that it’s “pourable” and can seem to even “stick” to a topic for a short while.

The system was born out of a want to make creating smoke to be used in images and filmmaking not solely simpler to deploy however much more nice to work with. The group began by wanting on the capabilities of vaping gadgets earlier than constructing their very own customized software that doesn’t have the overheating and explosive points that consumer-level vape pens can have when overtaxed whereas is also able to making a a lot thicker, longer-lasting smoke impact.

Conventional smoke creation gadgets.

PMI additionally claims that it’s far much less dangerous than what is often used within the trade. As a substitute of utilizing dangerous chemical substances, the group selected a glycerin-based resolution that smells “nice” and is non-toxic. When requested concerning the security of glycerin smoke, Chow tells PetaPixel that whereas it has not been examined particularly for vaping, it has been examined extensively for theatrical use.

“Glycerin has been examined for security at the very least 56 instances by the Nationwide Institute for Occupational Security and Well being (NIOSH)8,” he says, and pointed to a Wikipedia page that lists use instances for glycerin-based smoke.

“These checks embrace toxicity testing, eye irritation, and pores and skin irritation. On prime of the truth that this formulation being safer, our machine has a built-in temperature management that will cease the machine earlier than it overheats and ensures no dangerous chemical can be produced,” he says.

“We definitely wouldn’t advocate our person to immediately inhale the smoke from the machine, as this isn’t what we constructed the machine for. However in response to our analysis, glycerin smoke really can be a safer alternative compares to conventional fog machines,” he concludes.

The capabilities of the pocket-sized smoke machine are clearly illustrated within the firm’s Kickstarter video beneath:

Under are just a few nonetheless images that make the most of the SmokeGENIE:

The PMI group equates the SmokeGENIE to an digital smoke bomb that’s simpler to regulate and gives a way more secure smoke that lasts longer. As well as, it has a setting that permits it to create long-lasting atmospheric haze results. At its lowest smoke output setting, the SmokeGENIE’s battery permits it to constantly function for about 300 minutes. At its highest setting, it might probably output for about 40 minutes. One full nine-milliliter tank of glycerin will final for greater than quarter-hour of steady output earlier than it must be refilled.

The corporate says that the SmokeGENIE may be operated by hand or remotely with a controller and may be outfitted with one in every of a number of completely different adapters for various results: commonplace, haze adapter, precision nozzle, or a liquid or dry ice impact nozzle.

The corporate says that the creation of smoke is instantaneous and requires no ready or boiling time to take impact and can hold within the air for 10 to fifteen minutes in a ventilated room when dissipated with a haze fan, and as much as 45 minutes in a room with out lively air flow.

The SmokeGENIE may be backed on Kickstarter for as little as about $348 and up to about $373, relying on what stage of inventory stays in one in every of three classes.

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