Snappr Has Raised $13M to Be the Uber of Photography

Snappr wants to be the go-to service for business to get fast, easy access to photographers at rates as low as $89 per session. The company operates like a mix of Uber and ThumbTack, with on-demand access to creatives in 200 metropolitan areas, and could be coming to a city near you.

Crunchbase reports that Snappr just secured $10 million in Series A funding, bolstering the company’s total investment to date to $13 million. With the cash infusion, Snappr intends to expand its business to more cities and offer more creative services.

The company’s idea is simple: anyone can sign up for the service and book an on-demand photographer with as little as 2-hours notice for anything from a portrait session, to a new menu shoot, to a new housing listing.

According to Snappr’s CEO Matt Schiller, the company provides a consistent flow of work to photographers that may or may not be the kind of work they have done before. “With some of the enterprise clients, we work across hundreds of markets at one time, so there is no way one photographer would get that kind of work alone,” he told Crunchbase.

Snappr offers a host of photography services at the click of a button.

Snappr intends to use the Series A funding to grow the number of cities they operate in as well as adding other services, like video and 360-degree virtual tours, to the platform.

Snappr has seen significant growth this year, despite the pandemic that has left many photographers out of work. September was poised to be the company’s best month ever, and they expect growth to continue at between 15% and 20% per month going forward. Snappr also already has 53.2% of the Fortune 500 using the service and a whopping 12% of U.S. restaurants use the platform.

Back in 2016, then Editor of Resource Magazine Billy Murray described Snappr’s model as devaluing photography.

“Snappr is bringing rates down so low that no one could possibly feed themselves off a photography gig,” he wrote. “This could effectively set a new precedent on how much photography is actually worth, destroying the professional standards of the industry.”

Photography as a service was already suffering challenges with value as more people gain access to better photography on their mobile devices. Services like Unsplash have earned the ire of photographers as well, but Snappr at least compensates those on their platform, even if it isn’t the value some might hope for.

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