Tenth Annual Mobile Photography Awards Crowns its Winners

The Mobile Photography Awards has published its tenth annual selection of the best works of international photography captured on mobile devices. Founded in 2011, it is the longest-running international competition for photos shot and edited exclusively on smartphones and tablets.

The judging panel, which you can see here, selected the winners of various categories from over 5,700 total submitted photos from more than 75 countries. The Mobile Photography Awards features 20 themed categories including Landscapes, Portraits, Black & White, Photojournalism, Nature, and Wildlife.

The grand prize winner, and recipient of the $3,000 cash prize, was awarded to Dan Liu, a photographer from China, for his photo series below, all captured on the iPhone 11 Pro Max:

“The winners of the 10th Annual Mobile Photography Awards are a testament to another year in the rapid evolution of mobile phone cameras.” says MPA founder Daniel Berman, a photographer, and filmmaker based near Toronto, Canada. “The iPhone is still the most widely used by our entrants but this year we saw a larger variety of camera phones than ever before. Each competition we hold sees the quality of the submitted photos grow by leaps and bounds.”

Below are the winners of each of the other categories (of note, Liu’s “On Inle Lake” above also won the Silhouettes category):

Horse Play by Alessandra Manzotti | Black and White Category Winner
Untitled by Chen Ma | Transportation Category Winner
On Inle Lake by Dan Liu | Silhouettes Category Winner
Duo by Fabio Sartori | Macro and Details Category Winner
Late Night by George Koutsouvelis | The Darkness/Noir Category Winner
Stuart Street – Boston by Jeff Larason | Street Photography Winners
Mrs Klimt Had Her Own Sense of Style by Jen Mckenzie | Visual FX Category Winner
Deer Hidden in the Forest by Jian Cui | Nature and Wildlife Category Winner
Reverence by Jinyi He | Travel and Adventure Category Winner
Movie Night by John Nieto | Digital Fine Art Category Winner
Lake Baikal by Juan Zas Espinosa | Landscapes Category Winner
The New Norm by Leigh Darilek | Self-Portrait Category Winner
Morgan In Pink by Michelle Simmons | Portraits Category Winner
The Beauty of Arches by Mona Jumaan | Architecture and Design Category Winner
Cantonese Opera II by Queenie Cheen | “Eyes of the World” Category Winner
San Clemente by Roger Clay | Water/Snow/Ice Category Winner
Look Back by Rohan Sajeev | People Category Winner
Small Town Protest by Stephanie Calabrese | Photo Journalism Category Winner

The Mobile Photography Awards says that it annually sees entries from more than 75 countries and since 2011 has produced over 35 gallery shows produced across the world. The MPA offers photographers and artists opportunities for exhibits, fine art sales, and annual cash prizes.

To see all the winners as well as the runners-up for each category, visit the Mobile Photography Awards’ website here.

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