The First Batch of Sony A1 Reviews Has Been Published

The image embargo for the Sony A1 lifted today and as such the first batch of reviews has been published. The camera found its way mainly into the hands of YouTubers, who have pretty unanimously lauded praise on Sony’s new flagship.

While PetaPixel is still working on its review, the reviews published today seem extremely pleased with what Sony has put into its $6,500 camera. This is the first time that Sony has put all of its highest-level technology into one camera body, and for the price the company is asking it should come as no surprise that it’s a stunner.

Bear in mind: the photographers reviewing this camera have only had the A1 for a little more than a week, so there is a possibility that issues with the camera that go unnoticed when evaluated over short periods of time may reveal themselves going forward. Still, what these reviewers are saying should give fans a lot to be excited about: the camera looks like it’s delivering pretty much everything Sony promised.

“The A1 is not only one of the most impressive cameras I’ve ever seen Sony produce, it’s one of the most impressive cameras I’ve ever seen,” Ted Forbes says in his review above. “And it still makes Sony’s other cameras valid offerings too. If you want it all in one, this is by far the way to go. I’m really impressed.”

“Just absolutely stunning,” Jason Vong says while showing a photo of a peacock. “Like, wow. This is why I love high megapixel cameras.”

“After seven days of testing, does it live up to the hype?” Manny Ortiz asks. In short, yes: “This is the best camera I have ever used.”

“My gosh, this is a great camera,” says Sally Watson. “I think you guys are really going to enjoy it… You have the balance between the A9 II and the A7R IV and it’s combining these two amazing technologies.”

None of the reviewers seem to have any issues with overheating, which is a good sign especially since the Canon EOS R5 struggles with overheating when shooting video. That said, Canon has since suggested the 8K feature was mostly for marketing. The Sony’s ability to shoot 8K appears to actually be usable.

If you want to get a closer look at some images that the A1 can capture, Sony ambassador Mark Galer uploaded the video below that is a good place to do that. While he is a sponsored shooter, you can still get an idea of what to expect out of images from his video.

Expect PetaPixel’s review of the Sony A1 to publish later this month.

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