Tips for Making Beautiful Photos of Frozen Soap Bubbles

Photographer Jens Heidler, who was recently featured for his macro video of snowflakes melting in reverse, has published a 5-minute instructional video on how to create frozen soap bubbles for dazzling macro photos.

The first half of Heidler’s video beautifully shows how the bubbles form and freeze in real-time. But what if you want to make these effects yourself? The next portion is dedicated to answering ten common questions that address the specific ways he is able to reproduce the effect.

Firstly, Heidler explains that the temperature he uses to capture the freezing action is -5 degrees Celcius, or 23 degrees Fahrenheit. At that temperature, it takes about 20 seconds for the freezing to start. It can take anywhere between five seconds and two or three minutes depending on how much glycerin is used and the freezing temperature you choose.

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Image credits: Photos by Jens Heidler and used with permission.

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